Thought for the Day…December 30, 2011

I can’t believe it’s been over six months since my last entry. But I have to admit right up front–this one is my fault. For the longest time I had a problem with my laptop–it got stuck closed, with the lid down–and I could not get it open. So I finally gave up. Until a few days ago when a friend who was visiting me pointed out that what I thought was my laptop was actually a cutting board…

…Y’know, I thought it looked a little scratched-up. I guess it’s time to get my eyes checked.


One more thing…I have sat through yet another year of pro football, and I still cannot get used to, or accept, the continually-growing phenomenon of players doing stupid, asinine dances and making ridiculous gestures after making a good play. I mean, it looks more like a high-school girls’ dance party than a pro football game.

However, in their defense, I suppose part of the reason the players perform these ridiculous routines is because they can. I mean, they’re probably thinking they should get it out of their system while they’re still young enough to do so. As they get older, their bodies might not be able to continue to perform all those twists and contortions. Especially after menopause.


Anyway, belated Christmas greetings to all. And, to my pagan friends, belated Happy Halloween.


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Thought for the Day…May 8, 2011

People belonging to the Birther movement may want to rethink their views, because–if they’re correct–then the order to take out Bin Laden was given by, well…just some Kenyan dude.

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Graphic Interlude…More Basketball Players Singing!

Dirk Nowitzsky seen struggling to reach the high notes of Neon Trees' "Animal" with Lakers' chorus line in background.

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Thought for the Day…May 1, 2011


I can’t believe that it’s been 3½ months since my last posting! Sorry. I was at Costco and made the mistake of getting in line behind someone buying an apartment complex. And then, just as he got up to the register, he realized it was missing 3 parking spaces and a swimming pool. Lucky he caught it when he did. The only thing longer than the lines at Costco is the line for RETURNS at Costco.

But I’m back now, at least for a month or so (I’m scheduled to have a nervous breakdown in June, but I haven’t gotten the time off work yet, so that’s still kinda up in the air…)

In any case, just before Christmas I self-published a book of some of my comedy essays and other humorous pieces, including a short play and even a crossword puzzle. Why, you might ask, would I deem to bestow this literary gem on a mostly undeserving world? Well, I guess I’m just an altruist at heart. I’m all about healing and closure. Plus, I need to make $1000 to get my connection out of jail.

So please consider reading my book. It’s very good, or so I’ve heard. Haven’t read it myself. But the parts I remember while writing it were sublime, I promise you. Seriously, you should order a copy. Please. I mean, I had several hundred of these things printed, and they’re taking up so much space in my brother’s garage that I have nowhere to put all of my Jehovah’s Witness literature (no, I’m not a member—just a collector). So unless you want me to come knocking on your door to hand out this stuff…BUY THE BOOK!!!

Just click on the icon and start your journey towards total and complete rapture. Or…rupture? Vulture? Whatever. I can’t keep that shit straight.

As an added incentive, with the first 100 orders I’m offering free photos of my last girlfriend taking a shower (lawsuit not included).

Until then,


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Graphic Interlude…Basketball Players Singing!

UConn players fast-break into harmony

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The (Almost) Daily Tortured View/October 29, 2010

Terrorists attacks were thwarted when several explosive packages were seized from cargo jets bound for Chicago, triggering worldwide fears of a new terror campaign. One of the devices contained a printer toner cartridge…

Bombs crafted from toner cartridges? Since when did the terrorists begin to hate not only us, but also our printers? Something tells me that they have never accepted the general shift from the traditional New Times Roman to the more modern Courier font and are now making society pay.

I just dread the Armageddon that will ensue if we ever switch to Helvetica.

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The (Almost) Daily Tortured View/October 28, 2010

In Tennessee, a woman named Carol Buckley is disputing her ejection from the home she lives in on the grounds of an elephant sanctuary she co-founded 15 years ago…

On the elephants’ part, they protested by standing on their hind legs, each with a large ball balanced on its heads with a letter written on it spelling out “Save Carol!”

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Today in History…October 28, 2010

On this date in 1858, Rowland Macy opened his first New York store in Manhattan.

The next day, on October 29, 1858, he held the first ‘One-Day Sale.’

In 1886 the Statue of Liberty was dedicated.

We are still trying to figure out if the French were sincerely giving us a present or if it was actually some kind of gag gift to test our gullibility. Which would mean we fell for it and they’ve been secretly laughing at us this entire time.

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Today in History…October 27, 2010

On this date in 2005 George W. Bush visited the state of Florida during the aftermath of Hurricane Wilma.

Upon arriving, he immediately announced his condolences to the family–Fred & Pebbles–and their neighbors, the Rubbles.

Meanwhile, Tropical Storm Beta formed in the Caribbean Sea.

There was no damage or loss of life, however, because–luckily–it wasn’t the actual storm itself, but just a beta version.

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More (Almost) Daily Tortured View/October 26, 2010

Archaeologists have  have discovered hundreds of Bronze Age mummies in the Xinjiang desert region of northwestern China. Some of the mummies were remarkably intact and, surprisingly, some appear to be Caucasian, contrary to the widely-held belief that Caucasians did not inhabit this area for another 1,000 years.

However, I think it is simply an example of not only the instinctual Caucasian spirit of adventure but also a tribute to the lengths some Caucasians would go, even centuries ago, in search of some good Xinjiang Chicken

They were found in various positions and situations, many of which tell a story:

For instance, a couple presumed to be husband and wife were found together, the woman’s mouth in a grimace.

Experts believe she may have been berating him for either snoring, leaving wet towels on the floor, or forgetting her birthday.

Another man, buried with a strange hat and a bag of marijuana, may have been a healer.

Healer, dealer…why split hairs? Although with the strange hat, he might’ve been just another pimp.

Another man was found wearing a plaid fabric, similar to a Scottish kilt.

However, he was wearing a striped shirt, and it is believed he may have been executed for criminally-bad fashion.

One woman had hair infested with lice, and she had ingested considerable amounts of sand, dust, and charcoal.

It is believed she may have been an early example of Chinese ‘heroin chic.’

And the archaeologists were stunned to find one man that was not only obviously Caucasian, but looked almost exactly like one of the men in the archaeological group itself. But it was later discovered that it was in fact the same man, and he’d simply fallen asleep during the excavation.

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